I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer exploring the relationship between humans and the natural world. My work covers themes like fertility, evolution, transmission, symbiosis, and spirituality. My ambition is to create artworks and narratives that foster an emotional connection and evoke a sense of enchantment for the natural world. I value materiality, craft, and using primitive tools, as they allow me to connect with and understand materials and the world around me more intimately through the process of making.

Poposh Rupestre is my pseudonym. The name came about fairly naturally over time. As a child, my mother called me poposh because I was fascinated by hippos but didn't quite know how to pronounce the word well. Then came the word 'rupestre', which I welcomed because I found it fitting with my fascination with prehistory. To me, this name represents my essence, my youth. And creating is a journey towards rediscovering my inner poposh rupestre: a world of wonder, inventiveness and adventure.

Instagram: poposh_rupestre