Classificazione di Emozioni Incognite

Classificazione di Emozioni Incognite, i.e., 'a classification of unknown emotions', explores those emotions that lie unexpressed by people in everyday life.

This piece presents a collection of receipts found on tables and counters of bars, train stations, and coffee shops. These receipts were unconsciously fiddled with and shaped by individuals while discussing with a friend over a coffee, having an intimate conversation with a partner, or whilst daydreaming and waiting for a train.

Each of these receipts captures a person's emotion at a given moment. An emotion that was not verbalised, yet it found a medium to express itself. Every little crease or groove that was applied to these little pieces of paper appears to reveal meaning.

Similarly to what a botanist would do on an expedition, the purpose of this collection is to interpret the shapes of these receipts and to classify them.