Ricordati di Ricordare

Ricordati di Ricordare, i.e., remember to remember, is a metaphorical representation of an introspective exploration.

It depicts Poposh as a miner in a dark hole underneath the earth, excavating in search of himself. He is about to discover his own fossil, a representation of his essence.

With time, this introspective exploration will eventually sink underneath many layers of earth. However, a little bump remains on the surface as a reminder of what lies below.

Though introspective explorations can be fruitful experiences, the learnings we gather from them can quickly fade away once we reach the surface and resume our lives. The purpose of this painting is to take a snapshot of this moment before the light dissipates it.

I produced an alternative version of the painting, representing the same introspective exploration but viewed from the miner's perspective. At that very moment, he is lost in a dark abyss and doesn't know what he will find at the end of his exploration. It is only with hindsight that he understands the value of his experience.

This painting is made using ink, acrylic paint and gold leaves. It was exhibited at Bar Isola in Milan.



Poposh's exhibition at Bar Isola in Milan